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What is Rewrite Your LifeTransitional Coaching? Transitions are the life changes we make in our lives from childhood to adolescence to teen years into adulthood. We change careers and hobbies, have children and experience empty nests, care for aging parents and see loved ones pass. We often reach a point in our lives when we and think “now what”?

Do you feel you deserve a richer life? Are you retiring and don’t know what to do in the next phase of your life? Are you asking yourself, “Is this all there is?” Has boredom overtaken you? Do you avoid taking action because you don’t know where to go from here? Many people have these thoughts because they don’t know how to transition to the life they deserve.

The answers to the next steps in your journey are within you. Transitional coaching guides you use your inner power to step into your greatness. You can find your best path and purpose for the future you deserve.

Imagine yourself experiencing life to the fullest with new purpose, new relationships and reaching dreams you thought were out of reach.

I want to partner with you in your success, whatever path you choose. I work with people in several phases of transition. I provide Transitional Coaching to help you reach the life you want to live.

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Who should get Transitional Coaching?

  • Retirees who are moving into a new phase of their lives
  • Empty-nesters looking to fulfill their unreached dreams
  • Divorced or widowed people who need to refocus their lives
  • People who want guidance to make major changes in their lives


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Some of the results you can expect from working with me include:

  • You will know you are not alone. I will journey with you. Receive the support and       encouragement you need to make vital changes in your life.
    • You will gain a renewed sense of excitement, passion and energy in your life.
    • Get a new focus on fresh goals that will honor your passions, core values and desires.
    • You will identify perceived obstacles and work through them.
    • We will create an Action Plan to reach your desired goals.
    • You will gain a new sense of purpose.
    • You will experience more clarity about your goals.
    • You can lead a more satisfying life.
    • You will add fun and passion to your life!


How does coaching work?

The coaching sessions are via phone or Skype, and email.

The coaching will begin with a 1-hour phone session to review your needs, goals and any progress you’ve made since our FREE introductory session. We will discuss your creative process in a spirit of confidence and support.

I use an integrated system of discussion, writing and meditation to gently guide you to your most fulfilling lifestyle.

Depending on your Coaching Package, we will move forward with telephone sessions and emails where we discuss your progress and what new goals you desire.

The coaching will include unlimited emails for additional questions, comments or issues that arise between phone sessions.


Coaching Packages

Ignite Your Purpose: Redefining Success on Your Terms ($297, 90 minutes)

This 90 minute experience focuses on:

● Get clear about what’s missing and what you really want.
● Explore what you want to pursue in the next phase of your journey.
● Redefine success based on what matters to you now.

You’ll leave the session with an Action Plan for how to actively rewrite your life so you get what you want.

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Self-Trust Session: Learning to Listen to Your Inner Voice ($150, 90 minutes)

This 90-minute session guides participants to trust their inner voices. We will review times when we made the best and worst choices in our lives. Did we listen to the small, still voice in our minds or did we ignore our gut feelings? Learn how to trust and follow your inner guidance.

We will use a blend of meditation, visualization, writing and open discussion, and an exercise to gently guide participants to find their best paths in life. You will learn how to trust their inner voices to help them actualize your dreams.

I will email you your guideline and exercises you can use going forward.

Session is conducted by phone or Skype.

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New Start Package for divorced or widowed people who want to refocus their lives, reach dreams they set aside while nurturing their relationships, reset their direction in life

Some of the results you can expect from the New Start Package include:

  • Rediscover the parts of yourself that you "put away" because they didn't fit well into their past relationship.
  • Increase your confidence in making decisions for your new life.
  • Align your life with your true goals and dreams.

New Phase Package for retirees moving into a new phase in their lives who are excited about their new lifestyles and want to live them to the fullest. Leaving behind the activities and relationships that have been a major part of our daily lives and our identities can challenge us.

Some of the results you can expect from the New Start Package include:

  • Begin to live a more fulfilled life based on your purest desires.
  • Generate a deeper awareness of the possibilities in your future and how to reach them.
  • Feel a deep sense of focus and direction for your desired future.

Empty Nest Package for parents who are feeling lost without their children and want to find their own special place in life

Some of the results you can expect from the New Start Package include:

  • Create a gratifying, new lifestyle based on your authentic desires and strengths.
  • Rediscover what do you really want and who do you really want to be.
  • Replace your emptiness with a fulfilling, empowered life.


Coaching Packages Include:

Initial 45-minute coaching intake session (one time only)

Bi-weekly (up to 2 per month) 1-hour sessions by phone or Skype

Unlimited email between sessions.

Cost: $200 per month. I recommend a 3-6 month commitment to see best results.

         $500 for 3 months; $1000 for 6 months

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I help women rewrite their lives and find a renewed sense of purpose so they can make a difference in the next phase of their journeys.



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